168 Performance is an advanced CrossFit program designed for the competitive athlete.
The program has been developed to advance athletes who have hit plateaus in their training.
For the majority of the year it is a 5 days a week program consisting of (approx.) 90 minute sessions.

The program is three phased, ensuring that athletes skills are at an adequate level before they are practiced under fatigue. The timing of the phases is designed around the CrossFit competition schedule.

Phase 1

- Strength and weightlifting technique

- Specific gymnastics skills

- Foundation metcon employing simple movement

Phase 2

- Movement efficiencies

- Increase lactic threshold

- Technique under fatigue

Phase 3

- Competition style programming

- Strategy / simulation comp workouts

- Specific peaking periods set to individual goals


Program Only

- Competitive CrossFit training program

- 5-6 days strength, conditioning & accessories

- Tried, tested and proven methodologies

$20 per week

168 members - $10 per week

Performance Community

- Coached squad training sessions as well as ad hoc coaching (as requested by you or as deemed required by coaches) 

- Remote/online coaching including video review

- Weekly check ins

- Specific programming around competitions

- Access to the 168 performance members group

168 members - $30 per week

Remote Coaching

- Monthly call to discuss program, goals, progress & special requirements

- Weekly athlete specific program notes

- Video review of specified lifts and workouts

- Review by high level CrossFit coaches

$50 per week



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